Stop using new curriculum to teach pupils, return to the old one – GES to teachers


The coalition of Concerned Teachers has revealed that the government through the Ghana Education Service (GES) has directed teachers to stop using the new curriculum for basic schools which implementation begin last month and return to using the old one.

It is recalledthat somewhere April 2019, the Director General of the Ghana Education Service, Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwa, announced the new reforms at a press conference organized in Accra.

He expressed hope that the new approach to studies in schools will ensure that children are able to fully grasp what is being taught by teachers.
He also added that the GES will ensure the training of 150 master trainers nationwide on the new curriculum.

But an interview with Alfred Ocansey on the 3FMSunrise Morning Show, the director of Communications at the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ayikwei Awuley Adokwei expressed discontent with the directive to return to the old curriculum because the process for the new one has started and reverting to the old one in the middle of the implementation of new one will affect the process of teaching even though teachers.

“As teachers in the classroom without textbooks , now you have to refer to textbooks of the old curriculum to teach the new curriculum does not flow, teachers need to look at it and make adjustments before teaching and it brings a whole lot of burden on the teaching process for teachers.

He added that ” it means whatever you taught the pupils with the new curriculum for the past seven months, you have to go and take the old one and restart teaching.”

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