Stop comparing league winners prize to South Africa’s, their journalists earn more than you do – GFA Gen sec to Ghanaian journos

General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Prosper Harrison Addo has defended the FA’s position on the amount of money to be rewarded to the winners of the upcoming Ghana Premier league season.

The FA in a statement last week mentioned that the winners of the league will earn 250,000 Ghana Cedis which is equivalent to $42,000 – a huge improvement on what previous winners have earned after winning the league. Not too far back as 2012, the league winner won a minivan.

In 2015 when Ashanti Gold won it, they took home 40,000 Ghana Cedis ($6800) and then when the Wa All Stars won it in 2016, they took home an improved figure of $30,000. Clearly the new prize money is an improvement on the old ones.

The General Secretary though in an attack on the many journalists who sought to ask questions about the prize money said “Indeed, even if there is no prize money, there is a trophy at stake and there is a chance to play in Africa at stake…

“You look at economic parity. Our prize money is bigger than other football leagues. Ours is also lower than other football leagues. We go into this comparison spiral of comparing us with South Africa.

“Compare journalists in Ghana to South African journalists and check what they are earning as journalists in South Africa and in Ghana. We cannot go and compare everything with every country. The quest is to improve all the time…” he said on Asaase Radio.

The Ghana Premier league begins on the 13th of November 2020.

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