Stop being hypocritical, I’m not the first to sample songs- KiDi tells critics

Odo crooner, KiDi, has clap back at critics who have accused him of sampling other people’s songs, describing them as hypocritical. The young artiste with Lynx Entertainment has widely been criticized by some industry players for what they termed his inability to stick to originality in the kind of songs he produces. From rhythm to word play, some of KiDi’s songs including the hit songs ‘Odo’ and ‘Adiepena’ were said to contain lines sampled from other high life songs. Asked to comment on the criticisms, he told 3News said there was nothing wrong for him to sample from people’s songs. “The hypocrisy is too much and I feel like we need to correct some of these things. There is nothing wrong with sampling,” KiDi told 3News in an interview. “I don’t see the problem; what’s the problem about?” he asked, noting he is not the first person in history to sample from other people’s works and that “I will not be the last person to sample.” Kidi, who won the Best HighLife Song of the Year at the 19th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards noted that inasmuch as he takes criticisms into consideration, those about his sampling other people’s works does not sit well with him. He wondered why artistes all over the world who sample people’s songs do not get the same backlash as he has received from Ghanaians. “This is something I don’t get about Ghanaians. Just last week, I released my new song Adiepena, and on social media I saw a few people saying, there he goes again sampling. “Now fast-forward 24 hours later after those comments were made, Drake dropped a song and there was a sample in it and this same people who were bashing me were like, wow that Drake song was so nice,” KiDi he said. In his view, Ghanaians are only being hypocritical and selective by praising Drake in Canada for sampling and bashing him (KiDi) from Accra for the same act. He explained that he only has respect and admiration for all the artistes whose works he samples. “When you sample somebody’s music, it means you have so much respect for the person; you want to bring back their legacy and let people hear the music,” he told critics

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By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana]]>