Some siblings in Krobo Odumase lay flowers on grave of deceased mum to mark Mothers’ day

Twenty-seven-year-old Noah Nartey and sibling.

Mothers or mother figures play a crucial role in society. They provide care for their young ones and sustainably guarantee their security.

However, not everyone grows up under the protection and warmth of a mother and gets bonded by their true love.

That is the situation of twenty-seven-year-old Noah Nartey, a school dropout at Krobo Odumase in the Eastern Region.

He assumed the role of a ‘mother’ after he and his siblings lost their biological parents to a terminal illness.

Twenty-seven-year-old Noah Nartey and sibling.

Their grandmother, who took responsibility for their welfare, also passed on eight years later.

Being the first of five children, Nartey assumed the responsibility of a ‘mother’, fending for his four younger siblings.

With proceeds from a menial job during market days, Nartey took on the family business of kenkey selling.

Members of the extended family sometimes support his efforts.

As a result of his self-assigned role, he dropped out of school as he dedicated all his time to the business in order to raise funds for his siblings’ welfare.

Nartey recounts the healthy relationship they shared with their mother to

He said, “Our mother thinks about us. She loves us and we also love her. She does virtually everything for us including ensuring that we are fed three square meals a day. She washes our clothes and ensures that we look clean. We really miss her.”

As the world marks Mother’s Day, Nartey and his siblings do not want to be left out, even though their mother is no more.

“I feel uneasy on Mothers’ Day, because my mother is not alive, so I could wish her or sing for her so she will feel relieved. This makes me weep a lot on the day. My mother’s death leaves me with sorrow and grief,” he soberly remarked.

Their mother was buried in the precincts of their family house.

With flowers they picked from the neighbourhood, the siblings head to the grave to express their appreciation.

For these children, having a mother figure in their life could bring immense comfort while guaranteeing their stability in life.

Story: Stanley Nii Blewu