Speak up; Ghanaian artistes are quiet on E-levy – Social media reacts

Speak up; Ghanaian artists are quiet on E-levy - Social media reacts
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Some Ghanaian social media users have taken on musicians in Ghana for not speaking against the E-Levy.

Most believe that Ghanaian celebrities should emulate their Nigerian counterparts. And should stand up against the e-levy like Nigerian artistes, who fought for their people during the #EndSars campaign.

Kobby Founda @Founda tweeted:

“Nigerians artistes were fighting for their people during that end of sars era, but Ghanaian artists are quiet about this e-levy. Alright, they should be quiet when Ghanaians are supporting Nigerian artistes more than them.”

CULU, known on Twitter as @Fawogyimiiko, tweeted: “When we stop using momo, and we don’t get money for bundle to stream their songs, ebe derr wey dem go learn sense.”

@Notekofi also tweeted, “Reason why I will never stream GH music. Davido was on the street to demonstrate with his people. Burnaboy and Wizkid and the rest supported with tweets and some little demonstration in the USA. But how many of our artists supported #fixthecountry demonstration!!”

Others were in the view of Ghanaian artists being quiet over E-Levy. They argued that silence can never be misquoted, and hence no one would tag them with political party colours. Closet @lovemesame believes that artists are quiet because they do not want to be affiliated with any political party.

“Has E-levy shed any blood brutalized any innocent soul yet. Our hypocrisy is why artists find it difficult to fight a certain government cos they will associate the party to him. Let Kwa or Reggy fight now, NPP guys will attack him during NDC tenure too. Who are we deceiving?”

By Gladys Cudjoe|3news.com|Ghana

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