Some women also demand sex before investing in other women – Lady Ophelia

Some women also demand sex before investing in other women - Lady Ophelia
Lady Ophelia

Gospel musician Lady Ophelia has indicated that just as some men make sexual advances on them before they help, some women also do the same.

Lady Ophelia, who doubles as a teacher, is signed onto the Media Excel record label.

The gospel songstress shared the challenges women go through in the music industry. “Women also try to take advantage of us. However, compared to men, women who do that are few,” she told DJ Premier on Onua FM’s Anigye mmere show.

She further recounted an incident to support her claims.

“Lesbianism has been with us for ages, just that it is worst these days. 19 years ago, I met a rich lady called Jessica. She would visit me when I was rendering my national service, I thought I’d met a woman who loved God with substance, who would support my ministry, but that wasn’t the case.

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“I called the lady one day, and a woman picked up and warned me to quit calling her wife. Out of curiosity, I asked her name and she answered, ‘Helen’. I was dumbfounded. She’s your wife? How? She was very rich. I asked Jessica, and she told me not to mind her because Helen is unnecessarily jealous,” Lady Ophelia narrated.

Lady Ophelia is out with a spirit-filled praise song dubbed ‘M’aseda’. Download and stream on all musical platforms.

By: Victor Kodom|OnuaFM||Ghana


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