Shatta Wale apologised to John Mahama in a flight en route to London – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh reveals

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Shatta Wale and John Dramani Mahama

Founder and President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has disclosed how Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale apologized to Ex-President John Mahama for certain unprintable words he hurled at him years back.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh said while onboard a flight to London on Saturday, April 27 Wale approached him and requested his help to apologize to the former President for certain comment he made against him.

The revered man of God said he led Wale to meet John Mahama who was also on the same flight to London.

According to Dr. Tetteh, upon meeting the Ex-President, Wale knelt before the NDC’s Presidential candidate and pleaded for his forgiveness for certain comments he made against him some years back.

“I was going to London on Saturday, coincidentally Prez. John Mahama was on the flight and Shatta Wale was also on the flight, the way we were sitting as if it was planned. Then Shatta Wale walks to me and said Nuumo I want you to do me a favour. I throw certain words at former President John Mahama and I feel very guilty to go to him.

“So I held his hands and I went to President John Mahama with him, it was on the plane publicly then Shatta Wale went on his knees and John Mahama said I have forgiven you, then Wale started crying,” Dr. Tetteh said in an interview on GTV on Thursday, May 2.

Former President John Dramani Mahama

He noted that John Mahama outpoured his mercies upon the artiste and made a joke about the matter.

“President John Mahama said Shatta I have forgiven you. You are a bad boy, you brought the old man of God to come and do this to me what do you expect me to say,” he added.

Dr. Tetteh stressed that Wale informed him that for some five years now, he has struggled to find the right means to apologize to John Mahama over the issue.

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Shatta Wale

He said the Dancehall artiste later thanked him for his intervention after the trio had safely reached their destination in London.

The revered man of God said the Dancehall artiste earned his respect for his actions and urged the younger generation to eschew this kind of spirit – to respect the leaders of the country.