Perfect Match Xtra Season 2: Four housemates evicted from Big Mama’s house


It’s getting heated in Big Mama’s house as evictions have started. Last night, four housemates were evicted from the house as some ‘ship’ had to be truncated.

Blessing, Jessica, Benjamin and FrankieTouch were the bottom four housemates with the lowest votes and had to leave Big Mama’s house. It was a tough call for Droiid to say goodbye to Jessica, whom he had shared some affinity with.

Afia: Meet PM Xtra’s Season 2 new housemate

All housemates had two weeks eviction-free to explore and galvanise a strategy to win the hearts of the audience and maintain high votes.

However, it appeared some housemates fell short of Big Mama’s opportunity and has to face the consequences.

Two new housemates, Afia and Diamond have joined the house after week three and are already bonding with the housemates. Will any of them replace Jessica’s bonding with Droiid? We live to see.

Diamond: Meet PM Xtra’s Season 2 new housmate

The drama, bromance, alliances and threats continue as twelve housemates have now been left to contest for the prize. Who emerges the winner by the end of the reality show in June?

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