Shatta Wale can bring back the awards and carry his tears away – Baba Sadiq

Shatta Wale can bring back the awards and carry his tears away – Baba Sadiq
Shatta Wale and Sadiq Abu

CEO and organizer of 3Music Awards, Baba Sadiq, has asked Shatta Wale to return all the awards if he thinks he doe deserve them.

Their social media banter took a deadly turn when Shatta Wale attacked the credibility f the award scheme that awarded him 11 music awards in 2013. Baba Sadiq, in an interview on HitzFM, refuted shatta Wale’s claims. He also asked the Dancehall artiste to return the awards if he thinks he does not deserve them.

“In fact, if Wale feels that in 2019 he didn’t deserve 3Music Awards. I think that he can return it. I am sure the board may formally consider it. He can return it and probably carry the tears that he shed on the stage. I didn’t shed that tear. I wasn’t that one that gave the speeches.”

According to Baba Sadiq, he is not overly surprised by the allegations levelled against him by Shatta Wale. He described the move as Shatta Wale’s Modus Operandi and pointed out that that was his way of shutting people up; by attacking them.

“No, it’s not true. First and foremost I have never had problems with stone or Sarkodie regardless of my commentary on them. And two, everybody knows that is his modus operandi. He has always worked in this way. His way of shutting people up is to attack people. He has done it to everybody. He has done it to his personal management. He has done it to everybody. You know it’s obvious where this is going. It is a typical Shatta Wale at his best.”

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Baba Sadiq also revealed that the Board of 3Music Awards is working towards a resolution soon.

He said, “Our board is taking a lead in actually unravelling it further. And so, a number of the things that would be communicated would come from that. But it is instructive to know that since I have known Shatta Wale, I have never dealt with him directly across any front. At any point in time when I have had to deal with Shatta Wale, it is either through Holio or through Bulldog or to some extent through Leslie of Fantasy Entertainment. So shatta knows that this can never be the case, but I get it. Within the last few days, my taking a stand against him on a key issue is not something that shatta likes.

“It doesn’t bother me personally, but of course, it’s something that the board would take serious consideration to. And so I know in due course, the board of the 3Music Awards would work all of this out and manage it. What is instructive again is that the 3Music Awards is not Sadiq. The process of the 3Music Awards is not Sadiq. I don’t even have an influence over that,” Sadiq concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana