Seeing a talent’s dream come true is ultimate – Kwao Lezzes, Amerado’s road manager

Seeing a talent's dream come true is ultimate - Kwao Lezzes, Amerado's road manager
Kwao Lezzes and Amerado
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According to Kwao, his greatest desire is to see the dreams of talented people come true. He has been working in the music industry for about ten years with collaborations with artists such as Dr Cryme, Stay Jay, Flowkingstone, MOG Beatz, and Ahkan, among others.

There are numerous talents in Ghana who want assistance and Kwao, road manager for rapper Amerado, is willing to assist such talents.

“Managing artists has not always been simple. But I enjoy my work, significantly when I recognize an artist’s remarkable skill. Many sacrifices are involved in helping an unknown artist gain popularity, so when I succeed in my mission, I feel fulfilled.

“Some musicians have an attitude of being ungrateful and getting money for promotion,” Kwao shared.

According to Kwao, who also serves as Nikki Samonas’ publicist, managing an artist requires a relationship in order for the two of you to function well. In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Kwao explains the crannies of his job.

“What I do is that I move on to other artists once my artiste reaches the height they require. I usually prefer to deal with underground artists and get them all the publicity they need to climb to the highest height before I move on to the next artist.”

His real name is Kwao Richard, but better known by others as Kwao Lezzes-Tyt, Kwao wants to maintain a low profile. He has hopes to start a record company and sign additional musicians who are talented but lack the resources to succeed.

“There aren’t many record labels in Ghana, and I think a record label would help me succeed more,” We are ready to go once I assemble a strong team. I want to take this chance to commend companies like Lynx Entertainment and MicBurnerz Music for their work in the music industry.

Kwao advised that when new artists succeed, they show gratitude to those who held their hands to the top.

“Some of these young artists are unappreciative, which makes it challenging for people and record labels to assist them. You support artists, and once they succeed, they turn on you. These actions make it challenging for investors to fully commit and assist,” he explained.

In addition to managing artists, Kwao is a corporate and personal branding expert, a digital media consultant and social media account manager.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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