Satan is invested in music – Hammer explains musicians association with ‘drugs and alcohol’

Satan is invested in music - Hammer explains musicians association with 'drugs and alcohol'
Lucifer and Da Hammer

According to music producer Da Hammer, the devil has a special interest in music which he believes translates to the abuse of substances and alcohol by members of the creative space.

The CEO of the Last Two Records shared his sentiments with Showbiz 927 on 3FM. He pointed out the connection between Lucifer, also known as satan, and music. He disclosed that Lucifer’s interest in musicians was as old as before he was thrown into hell.

Solidifying his argument, Da Hammer noted that the devil is the biggest fan of music as he was once the head of music in heaven.

“There’s something that I’ve always said. The devil upon a time was supposed to be the greatest musician in the heavens. The devil was the leader of music in the heavens. That tells us that the devil has a special place in his heart for musicians. He is attracted to musicians. So we can only understand that, as musicians, we need to be careful.”

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Da Hammer added that the other side of the drug-alcohol-association problem could also be attributed to the search for inspiration.

“A lot of people mistake these drugs or alcohol to be an avenue to inspiration. Arts is about inspiration,” he continued. “Some people, it comes to them. For others, they have to find it. So a lot of staters try to get inspiration from various avenues.”



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