Sarkodie pulls a surprise on M.anifest

Sarkodie joins Manifest on stage at M.anifestives[/caption] There was a big surprise Sunday night at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra when BET award-winning Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, joined rapper M.anifest on stage for a performance during the 2018 M.anifestivities concert. The M.anifestivities, which is M.anifest’s annual musical concert, came alive with that singular act which M.anifest described as ‘historic’. “I think we made history together, we both have mutual respect for each other… I miss what people thought was such great ‘beef’. It’s just a competitive rivalry, there is nothing”, he told the press after the show.” The unimaginable This year’s edition of the M.anifestivities came to pass with what many never imagined could happen in this lifetime considering the two have a ‘history’. In what could be described as the most exciting yet piercing lyrical beef in the year 2017, M.anifest took a swipe at Sarkodie in his well-laid godMc song, questioning the ‘bossy’ Sarkodie’s basis for  “using his name in vain” to end his bossy track. In the lines of M.anifest, “that’s is for starters”. Knowing how verbose and poetic the song was, he released it with its lyrics and that was the beginning of a lyrical bout between the two. The ‘bossy’ Sarkodie, who has always touted himself the best rapper, didn’t let things slide as some had wanted him to but hit the studio to lay lines on Designer’s Panda song instrumental in reply to M.anifest’s god mc. He called it Kanta and that tore the musical scenes into two divides – the godmc side and the Kanta side. The two have since been taking subtle swipes at each other with each claiming supremacy over the other. And considering this background,  no one would actually have thought there will ever be such a time when the two will honour each other’s shows. But the Sunday M.anifestivities was different. It was a reunion for the artistes; Sarkodie joined M.anifest on the stage mid-way his performance, much to the surprise of the crowd who cheered on.

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What M.anifest said after  Speaking to the press after the show, M.anifest said there has never been bad blood between himself and Sarkodie, noting there is more between them beyond the competition. “A lot of people thought because of the competitive rivalry we had they didn’t realize the mutual respect we have for each other. Even before we went on stage we spend a lot of time talking, just having a conversation because we both have respect for each other. And we just thought that this would be a great moment to show people that and we did”, he said. The two were earlier spotted at the premises Accra-based radio station last Friday in a hearty chat when they went for separate interviews ahead of their respective shows, but it is not readily clear if it was that chat which eventually led to Sark’s appearance. But M.anifest hints a certain convo led to Sarkodie’s appearance: “We didn’t plan it like years ago, people thought it was orchestrated, we met recently, and we had a quick conversation about it and big ups to the brethren for honouring his word”. By P.D Wedam||Ghana ]]>