Sarkodie, Krobo issue only needs a middle way to resolve – Socrates Safo

Director of Creative Arts responsible for Programmes & Projects at the Commission for National Culture Socrates Safo has called for an amicable settlement in the ongoing saga between rap king Sarkodie and the people of Kroboland. The Paramount Chief of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Sakite II, has chided Sarkodie for his rap in Kurl Songx’s ‘Jennifer Lomotey’, describing it as demeaning to Krobo women. Sarkodie describes Jennifer Lomotey, a character in the song, as a Krobo lady who is good in bed because she has been cursed by Okomfo Anokye with ‘promiscuity’. In an exclusive interview with, Socrate Safo stated that the issue must be resolved amicably between the two parties. “If I listen to this Jennifer Lomotey song, you can tell Sarkodie was just talking about a particular person who is a Krobo. “Every Ghanaian has a background and we’ve done songs mentioning people’s names and I haven’t seen their families coming out to say, you did a song about this person or that person. “In the case where the Krobos are saying that this particular saying is affecting our tradition, then we need to also give them a hearing because we need to respect the traditions and norms and culture of every Ghanaian.” According to the ‘Hot Fork’ movie producer, both parties must be listened to and an amicable settlement must be reached on this issue. “Let’s listen to Sarkodie, lets listen to the Krobos and we can find an amicable settlement to this. “The mindset or the intention of Sarkodie, for me, may be the determining point, but also how the Krobos are also taking it can also be considered as a determining point. So we need a middle way. “I respect the Krobos and I understand where they are coming from and I also appreciate the creative acumen of Sarkodie”.

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By Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana ]]>