Sanction parties that failed to submit audited accounts – CODEO

The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers [CODEO], has asked the Electoral Commission to sanction political parties that failed to comply with a directive by the Commission to submit their audited accounts to it by close of May 31, 2016.

The National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party plus 19 political parties failed to meet the deadline.

It also asked the parties that participated in the last three by-elections in the country to submit to it, their respective detailed expenditure on the elections.

Again, the Commission per section 15(1) of the law wants all political parties that have been issued with a final certificate of registration within the last 90 days to furnish it with details of its existence and location of its officers at the national, regional, district and constituency levels

“All registered political parties should ensure that the requested information is received by the Commission by the close of work on May 31, 2016, failing which sanctions will be applied in accordance with the law,” the statement warned.

But only seven of the 26 registered complied with the directive by the end of the deadline.

Commenting on the issue on 3FM’s Election Zone, the National Coordinator, Albert Arhin, said  sanctioning the parties that violated the law will serve as a deterrent to other parties in the future.

“The electoral commission over the years has been lenient with the political parties and I think the time has come for the Commission to crack the whip on any political party that flouts the political parties Act”.

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By Mercydalyne Lokko| 3FM 92.7|