Richie Mensah made me feel like family – Boijake on joining Lynx Entertainment

Richie Mensah made me feel like family - Boijake on joining Lynx Entertainment
Richie Mensah and Boijake
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Boijake has been recounting how the Lynx CEO made him feel like family whenever he visited the Tigon Studio.

Boijake, whose real name is Joshua Kwaku Acquah, has been receiving rave reviews for his music and is on his way to becoming a top draw for the record label.

He was in 3FM’s studios for an interview on the Unban blends show, where he recounted how he met Richie Mensah at his studio earlier last year.

While speaking with Host Miriam Osei-Agyemang, he told her the chance meeting with Richie led to him becoming a studio frequenter and eventually becoming associated with the CEO.

He said, “I was looking for a studio to shoot a video. One of my friends working in a new studio told me about a creative space where they shoot videos and stuff called Tigon Studios.”

He continued, saying, “I got there, and Richie Mensah in front of the gate. I went to greet him, and he said he knew me. I asked if he did, and he said, yeah, he had watched my stuff on YouTube, and it’s really REALLY good.”

Boijake added that he didn’t plan on playing or presenting his music to the record producer. But he couldn’t let the opportunity pass. And so he took advantage while Richie was doing a photo shoot as he was touring the venue to shoot his own video.

He told Miriam, “The place was quiet and was kind of dead, so he (Richie) was like someone should play music. It’s boring here. And my friend pushed me to connect my phone and play my music. So I played one song. He stopped the shoot and asked if it was my song, and I said yeah. He asked if I had released it, and I said no.

“He then told me to play another. Then play another one. He told me to keep playing. I played like 20 songs that day.”

The artist recounted how he decided to keep going to the studio after that first meeting because he felt welcomed.

He explained how that routine paid off when Richie called him in one day with a surprise.

He said: “Every time I wake up, I go to his studio. He made me feel like family from the first day, so I kept going. Even when I have something to do, I’ll finish and head back to his studio.”

“Then one day he calls me in there, I show up, and he has my contract. He just tells me to go read through it.”

By: Reginald Tetteh -Quaye (Contributor)

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