Psychiatric Nurses Group backs Ankaful Nurses' call for director's removal

Executives of the Psychiatric Nurses Group have expressed their utmost support for nurses at Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in their demand to get their director removed. According to the group, nurses all over the country are willing to adapt to any form of change that is aimed at improving healthcare delivery. “We wish to categorically state that, no nurse in Ankaful and for that matter, Ghana, in general, abhors change. Change is inevitable and change is a process. The change will reduce the workload and improve productivity,” the group said in a statement. They noted, contrary to the impression created by Dr Eugene Dordoye, the director of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, nurses could own and champion change if they are made to buy into the need for change. It said what is required is a leader who can ensure reforms and sustain a cohesive mental health team that abides by the tenets of a positive workplace culture to the benefit of all especially clients and their respective families. The group is of the view that concerns raised by the Ankaful nurses for the removal of their director is justified, accusing the director of subjecting his staff to “mental enslavement”. “He has on some occasions unjustifiably denied staff of their earned annual leave as against the labour practices in Ghana, and has openly insulted and humiliated nurses and others on countless occasions in the presence of patients, relatives, and trainees.”   Though Dr Dordoye has issued a written apology to the nurses for his conduct, the leadership of the Psychiatric Nurses Group insist he must go. “We support every action nurses at the Ankaful Psychiatric hospital is undertaking to remedy the situation including declared sit-down actions.” They further called on the sector minister to revise his approach to ensure a peaceful resolution of the issue at stake.

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By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana]]>