Parents urged to use Covid-19 to care more for wards

Executive Director of Child Rights International Bright Appiah has noted that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Ghana has presented parents and guardians with an opportunity to be innovative in caring for the needs of their children.

He told Alfred Ocansey on the Sunrise morning show on 3FM Friday, August 7 that parents are now learning new ways of combining work and caring for their children.

Covid-19, he said, has forced parents to also spend quality time with their children at home, a situation that has helped them to know their children better.

“We have done some interactions with parents during the Covid. The basic thing that I know parents are confronted with has to do with the fact that they are in the state of shock in terms of what children can do.

“[For] some of them, it is because of Covid that is why they have had the opportunity to spend quite enough time with their children,” he said.

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He added: “So, they are now rediscovering who their children are and also those who are smart. Those who are committed to learning are also adapting to deal with some of the fallout issues that they were not able to address when the chidden were growing.

“It presents us an opportunity to be first of all innovative in terms of what we want to do to care for our children in our absence. It also gives us an opportunity to also let parents know some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to the welfare of the children.”

By Laud Ayensu||Ghana


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