One year of childless marriage was torture – Ohemaa Woyeje

One year of childless marriage was torture - Ohemaa Woyeje
Ohemaa Woyeje

Prominent DJ & radio presenter Ohemaa Woyeje has shared what she went through as a newlywed without a child after a year of marriage. She added that her situation was worsened by the frustration she suffered at her former workplace.

According to Ohemaa Woyeje, people started badmouthing her when she did not get pregnant in the first year of her marriage. She mentioned how people said unkind things about her. Some said that she did not have a womb!

“I got pregnant after a year and a few months. The first year that I didn’t get pregnant. If I tell you what I went through from everywhere, every angle. Some said I don’t even have a womb. You know our country. Just one-year oo.”

Ohemaa continued to disclose that people tried to discourage her from celebrating her wedding anniversary all because she was not pregnant. She told XYZ online, “So when I was going to celebrate my first marriage anniversary, people were like, what is she celebrating? Because I hadn’t given birth. Some people have been married for 10 years without a child, and there are there. Just one year.”

Ohemaa Woyeje also spoke about the events that led to her resignation from Multimedia. She revealed that she was prevented from going on the radio after resuming from leave. She added that she was tossed about, which affected her health, and in fear of disturbing her young pregnancy, she opted to leave.

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