NPP sets criteria for appointing non-elective constituency executives

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has set criteria to guide the newly elected constituency executives and their MPs in the appointment of officers for the non-elective executive positions within the party. Per Article 6(5) of the NPP’s constitution, elected constituency executive together with sitting MPs, are to within 14 days after their election, appoint persons to occupy the various appointive positions. These positions include, Constituency Financial Secretary, Deputy Constituency Organizer, Deputy Constituency Women Organizer, Deputy Constituency Youth Organizer, Constituency Electoral/Research Officer, Constituency Communications Officer and Deputy Constituency Nasara Coordinator. The criteria was released by acting General Secretary John  Boadu Monday at an orientation programme in Cape Coast for all newly elected constituency executives. Mr. Boadu used the occasion to congratulate the newly elected constituency executives on their election and urged them to work diligently and assiduously to enhance the NPP’s chances of winning the 2020 elections in their respective constituencies and beyond. Anything short of that, he said, would mean they may not be able to maintain their positions at the next constituency primaries. He said, as much as possible, the elected Constituency Officers should build consensus in these appointments and not resort to voting in order to choose who gets appointed. The General Secretary said the appointments should be done with recourse to the respective Regional Executive Committees in pursuance to Article 6 of the party constitution. The criteria – The Constituency Financial Secretary shall be someone who has a Finance or Accounting background to be able to help the elected constituency treasurer (who may not have such background) in the preparation of Financial Statement and keeping Financial Records of the party at the constituency level.

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– The Constituency Communications Officer shall be someone who is able to effectively communicate the party’s stance on issues and also communicate the party/government’s policies and programmes in the media and beyond. – The Constituency Elections/Research Officer shall be someone who can effectively read and write, a computer literate, and has appreciable knowledge in electoral matters within the constituency including historical data or figures and how to improve on same. – The Deputy Constituency Nasara Coordinator shall not only be a party member who hails from Zango or Settler Community within the Constituency but should also be someone who is well known and respected in the community. He/she could even be a local Imam or an opinion leader within the community. – The Deputy Constituency Organizer, Deputy Constituency Women Organizer and Deputy Constituency Youth Organizer shall all be appointed with due consideration of the local dynamics such as the composition of the elected Constituency Officers relative to ethnic balance, geographical balance, gender balance and religious balance without necessarily compromising on competence. – As much as the relevant substantive Officers should have a SAY in who becomes their Deputies because of issues of compatibility and working relationship, they should not be solely responsible for appointing who deputizes them. – These appointments should not be used as a means for rewarding persons who supported the elected Constituency executives in the just ended Constituency primaries of the party. It should also not be a means for rewarding family and friends at the expense of the above considerations. At all times, the party’s interest should take precedence. Meanwhile, the party says within 14 days of these appointments, the Constituency Executive Committee shall appoint five members each of the Constituency Council of Elders and Council of Patron as well as members of the Constituency Disciplinary Committee and Constituency Finance Committee. Members of the Constituency Council of Patrons, Mr. Boadu stated, shall be persons who can regularly provide financial support to help in the running of the Constituency party. Whereas members of the Constituency Council of Elders shall be persons who are above the age of 60 and also command so much respect within the Constituency and beyond. By Iddi Muhayu-Deen||Ghana]]>

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