NPP calls on security chiefs and the EC to allow service personnel to exercise their franchise

As the special voting ended on the 4th December 2012, many hardworking security service personnel have been unable to vote due to one reason or the other.

The NPP has always insisted that it is essential that no one should be disenfranchised. The right to vote is a constitutional right that must not to be denied any citizen of Ghana. Because security service personnel have to be on duty to protect the national election process on Friday, those who did not succeed in voting today are in real danger of losing their constitutional right to choose their preferred leaders, through no fault of theirs.

It is not fair and it is not right. The NPP is urging the security service chiefs and the Electoral Commission to do all in their power to ensure that our dedicated and committed security service personnel are enabled to exercise their franchise in time to go about the critical duty of supporting the entire nation to vote on Friday 7th December 2012.

We believe no effort will be too much to ensure that people who have diligently registered and are entitled to vote are allowed to do so within the ambit of their duties.

Source: NPP

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