Nigerians suffer xenophobic attacks in W/R

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Nigerian Samuel Wills is a key suspect in the kidnapping cases in Sekondi-Takoradi[/caption] Nigerians in the Western Region of Ghana say they are living in fear as a result of unprovoked attacks from locals. According to them, Ghanaians are taking “the laws into their hands” to frustrate them. There has been an ascendancy in kidnapping cases in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis and locals are blaming foreigners for this. A Nigerian, Samuel Wills Udoetuk, has been held in police custody for most of the kidnappings in the area. He broke jail on his first arrest and is expected to face final trial on Monday, February 11.

But compatriots in metropolis claim since Saturday, January 26, they have not had peace from locals. Kenneth Itam told TV3 that reports they have made to the police on the issue has not yielded any positive results. “They are taking the laws into their hands, coming [at us] with weapons,” he said on Midday Live on Friday, February 8. He says it has been two weeks and the situation seems not changing. Mr Itam, a businessman, however, said: “I don’t intend doing anything because the issue is in police hands.” “I am frustrated,” he lamented. Source:|Ghana]]>