Newly-enstooled Tourism Chief returns to US to begin campaign

After two plus years of living in Ghana, Black American entrepreneur and investor, Rashad McCrorey returned to his New York City home in the United States.

McCrorey, also known as Nana Kofi Kukudurfo I who on 23rd April was named the first ever Tourism Chief in Ghana by the village of Iture, a sub town of Elmina, has been living in Ghana since the onset of the corona virus pandemic in March of 2020.

“In order to be an effective Chief of Tourism, I can no longer be stationed exclusively in Ghana 12 months out of the year” McCrorey told 3 News in a recent telephone interview.

“I have to travel again, I need to go to networking events, meet potential customers, conduct seminars, and make in person speaking appearances. I can no longer do all of these things strictly via social media, Zoom conference calls and internet marketing techniques” he added.

With a history of foreigners receiving titles, favor and prestige from Ghanaian communities only to leave the country and never return, McCrorey says he understands if some people have reservations about him leaving Ghana so soon after his enstoolment ceremony.

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“I understand some people’s trepidation; I hope they understand that I been in Ghana exclusively for two years straight. I miss my family. I miss my two daughters, I miss my mom, I want to visit my father’s grave site, I miss my friends, I didn’t even know I much I missed my bed until I realized how well I slept the first week home”.

McCrorey assured he understood the sensitivity of the subject beforehand and detailed his efforts to assure the people of Iture and Elmina of his dedication to both his stool and his community. “I been back in the United States 3 weeks now and I make sure I speak to various elders from my village and various staff members daily via WhatApp calling. I have spoken to the Omanhen of Elmina Nana Kojo Edina Condua VI twice already, the King of Iture Nana Kweku Iture IV once amongst other members of the Edina traditional council.

Since you have returned to the United States, have you done anything specifically for the village of Iture and the town of Elmina? he was asked.

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He answered “I have begun the paperwork process for developing the Rashad McCrorey Foundation. The Rashad McCrorey foundation is a 501c3 Not for Profit Organization with the focus of helping African countries develop infrastructure, education and health services. I have already purchased the domain name and been studying successful organizations and their websites that we want to emulate. With a non-for profit set up in the United States, Americans who donate money to the non-for profit will be able to receive tax refunds from the United States government. All donations from the United States Not for profit will funnel to the Ghana NGO, which I set up with elders of the village of Iture in 2021 also called the Rashad McCrorey Foundation. The Not for profit in America is how we plan to fund our Ghanaian infrastructure projects, scholarship programs and emergency funds.

Any lasting words to anyone who still doubt your commitment to Ghana and the Elmina community? he was asked again.

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He replied “I have 2 apartments in Ghana, I have land in Ghana, I’m building a home in the Central Region, and I’m still single but open to finding Ghanaian wife one day. Expect to see me regularly on Ghanaian television, listen to me live on the radio, participating in various events, touring various tourist attractions around the country and obviously communing with my family in the village of Iture”.



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