Negligence at 37 military Hospital killed actress Gloria Sarfo’s ex fiance

The family of a US based Ghanaian medical student and ex fiancé of actress Gloria Sarfo who died at the 37 military Hospital is accusing the hospital of negligence. Justice Nana Wusu Dankwa was sent to the hospital Wednesday morning by the Golden Tulip shuttle driver after he complained of chest pains. He is reported to have requested oxygen from the nurses at the medical emergency unit immediately he arrived at the hospital. Information gathered suggests that Justice Nana Wusu Dankwa remained unattended to for close to 10 minutes before being given the oxygen mask of another patient. He reportedly died four minutes after he was given oxygen. Nana Kwakyewa Sarpong a relative of Justice said Justice Dankwa could have survived if the nurses at the facility had been a little proactive in attending to her cousin. “I can confidently say that they were negligent in the sense that if they had oxygen on standby, I don’t think that they would have denied him oxygen. “I would blame the hospital and the nurses and doctors on duty, they denied him of oxygen, meaning they were negligent…I know they would deny it…but they need to be responsible for their actions.” Source:]]>

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