National transport policy to avert indiscriminate price hikes advocated

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) is advocating for a national transport policy as a means of regulating transport fares in the country. The call has become necessary, due to the recent hikes in petroleum prices and transport fares. Transport fares have gone up by 15 percent, after a meeting between transport unions and the transport ministry. According to COPEC, the transport policy will replace the current phenomenon where a few people will decide the increases in transport fares. COPEC says the transport policy will make provisions for both upward and downward reviews using instruments that represent the totality of consumers. “This calls for a coded document where all parties will sign onto, using a plus or minus 10 system, which allows for either a 10 percent increase or decrease in transport fares. This will ensure transparent system than the upward trend we experiencing now, even when fuel prices go down”. He says while government is working on instituting this policy, measures should be put in place, to regularize the price of fuel to prevent such hikes. We are saying that government must find another way to forestall any such increases in fuel prices in the country. When this happens the ordinary man is able to pay. If not, we will encounter this same problem, when another transport fares window opens in July”, he stated The current increment will take place on Thursday, April 6. Grace Asare/3FM/]]>

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