Nana Konadu’s ‘comment’ almost destroyed my career – DKB

Nana Konadu and DKB have settled the issue already[/caption] Comedian DKB has opened up about remarks passed by former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings that his craft was ‘boring’. He revealed that the comments almost crashed his comedy career. Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings gave a damning verdict on Ghana’s ‘King of Comedy’ during an event last April. At the event which was headlined by DKB, Nana Konadu stormed out of the venue, Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), unexcited and unconvinced that DKB would shake the audience into a frenzy. She made her way to the exit as soon as the famous Ghanaian comedian mounted the stage, saying to the hearing of other patrons seated close by, “don’t mind him; his jokes are boring”. Speaking in an exclusive interview on the satirical talk show After Hours on TV3, DKB told host Mikki Osei Berko that the former first lady’s comments almost crashed his career, maintaining that Nana Konadu opened him up to his enemies. “I mean what she said was the most detrimental thing anyone could say to me. She opened me up to my enemies, to mockery and it was this close to my career crashing. I mean it is not encouraging for a high profile person of that sort to pass such a comment. She said she didn’t say it.” DKB, however, revealed that he apologized to Nana Konadu the last time he met her. “I met her and I apologized for the night. I didn’t really care whether she has to apologise to me or not. My bit was that I am the young man so of course I had to come clean. I apologized to her that if that night she was truly offended by the kind of content I was doing, then I am sorry. It was the lowest of my career. I lost a lot of shows because of the comment,” DKB maintained.

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