My 2-yr election petition has hindered dev’t in Jomoro – MP

MP for Jomoro in the Western Region Dorcas Affo-Toffey (middle)

The Member of Parliament for Jomoro Constituency in the Western Region, Dorcas Affo-Toffey, has explained that the two years of court petition about her nationality has affected the people and development of her constituency.

The MP said some investors she contacted refused to come and invest in Jomoro because she was in court in the first two years of her tenure.

Madam Affo-Toffey gave these explanations in an interview on Onua FM’s drive time show Efie Ne Fie with Dr. Prekese on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

The Sekondi High Court in November 2022 dismissed a petition that sought to challenge the eligibility of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP).

That meant Dorcas Affo-Toffey could continue to be an MP and continue to represent the people of Jomoro in Parliament.

The court said per her application and subsequent issuance of a Ghanaian passport, she automatically lost the Ivorian nationality.

The court held that per Ivorian laws, immediately the MP acquired a Ghanaian passport, she automatically ceased to be an Ivorian and therefore there was no need for her to have formally renounced her Ivorian citizenship as argued by the petitioners.

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Reacting to the issue, Madam Affo-Toffey explained that Jomoro can boast of several natural resources that when utilized, can create several employment opportunities not only for the people in Jomoro Constituency, but also the entire country, yet poverty is rampant.

“My constituency has two different areas. The coastal area and farming area and we are blessed as constituency. We have oil, cocoa, coconut, rubber, cassava and others but we have bad roads in some areas, bad telecommunication networks which I have been able to solve – unemployment and electricity challenges in some small towns,” she explained.

The MP added that “on schools, we have just two SHSs, one was built by Nkrumah and the one was done during NDC era. Some communities were cut off from the rest…but we get cocoa from there. They carry sick people on a stretch”.

She explained that due to the nature of poverty in the area, she started contacting some investors in the US for them to come and create jobs in Jomoro but these investors did not come because of the court case.

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“I travelled to the US and met two huge companies who were willing to come and invest in Jomoro but they said, we are coming because of you and you are in court so we cannot come. So the court petition did not help me at all. It did not help me and my people. They would have done a factory for both coconut and cassava processing. The frustrations were too much but I am not perturbed and discouraged”.

Madam Affo-Toffey said “you are in Parliament but you do not know what will happen next. The court for two years did not help the development of me and my people”.

Commenting on her achievements despite the court petition which delayed development, the MP said “every witch is afraid of me because my people pray for me always because of what I have been able to do for them in these few years despite the court petition”.

“I have given over 350 SHSs students educational material such as mattresses.I have given over 200 tertiary students scholarship to study, I have built CHPS compound for some communities, I supplied pharmaceuticals to clinics, hospital and CHPS compounds, I have done over 600 desks to school….My target is to do over 2,000. I have the carpenters who manufacture them in the constituency. On water project, there were schools that pupils walk kilometres to drink water and return to school. I have provided them with potable water. My target is to do something for every community. I have decided to do the rest by the end of the year”.

Jomoro MP helps with construction of classrooms at Compound Basic School

Madam Affo-Toffey added that “I am building a 6-unit classroom block for one of the communities. I have done a bridge …three of those bridges…but the one in a place called Mitica is the best because since the inception of the town, no one has been able to go there with a car but I have done it. I don’t think even if my common fund for four terms cannot pay that for the Mitica Bridge but I have done them all”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo||Ghana


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