Mentor X: Music is my superhero – DSL

According to DSL, music is a bigger mouthpiece to tell the world about his talents, and he can’t wait to show the cards up his sleeve in the Mentor X competition.

Mentor X contestant Lawrence Senyo Adiase, known on stage as DSL, is a reggae dancehall artiste whose father first introduced and sparked his love for music. DSL recounts how his fathers love
for music enveloped the whole family and turned them into musicians.

Although he was eager to start his musical career, he had to put it on hold and focus on his education. But after, 24-year-old DSL has been actively working his way through to the top. And finally, he joins the top 16 contestants to produce the next global icon.

“When I completed NASEC, that’s when I started recording. At first, it was all about mashups and freestyles. Sometimes we perform at events, and they don’t pay us. Ups and downs. It’s been hard work since day one. But now we are here. We thank God that we are here too.

“Music, to me, is an advantage and a bigger mouthpiece for me. It helps me express myself more. And anytime something will try to break me down, music helps me break that thing down. I put it into lyrics and give it out. It helps me.”

DSL is confident he made the right decision to stack his cards against TV3’s reality music show. He shared how past contestants have benefitted from Mentor and hope to share a similar fate.

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“Mentor has helped many people. Sometimes you won’t be the winner, but you will have some exposure. It’s like a stepping stone for you to climb to another level. And as a young artiste who is coming up, I want to be seen and be well known. And I know TV3 is a big platform that can help me get where I want to get to at this time. I am not just doing music. I want people to know more about me.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana