Media exaggeration not sweet at all – ‘collapsed’ DCE

Wilson Arthur

The District Chief Executive for Wassa East District, Wilson Arthur, claimed although he grew faint during the 61st independence parade, he didn’t collapse as was reported in the media.

The DCE was rushed to Ahmadyyia Muslim Mission hospital on Tuesday in the middle of his six-page independence anniversary speech at Daboase.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Mr. Arthur clarified: “The picture is grossly exaggerated. Yes I discontinued reading the six page address almost at the end of the 5th page because I felt very dizzy.

“My aide helped me to my chair where I sat till the Medics on duty brought the ambulance to take me to Ahamydiia Hospital.”

The DCE stated that at the hospital, “I received a drip and got discharged under an hour. Thank GOD I am very well. I appreciate your love and best wishes.”

Mr. Wilson Arthur who was the former Chief Executive Officer of Takoradi-based Skyy Power FM decried over hyping of stories by the media .

“I have tasted a dose of Media exaggeration. Not sweet at all,” he conceded.

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By Isaac Essel | |Ghana