May Jesus’ resurrection lead to a fair and just society in Ghana – Asare

A United States based Ghanaian Professor Kwaku Asare has expressed hope that the resurrections of Jesus Christ will lead to a fair society in Ghana.

He said on Sunday April 17 that “may his resurrection resurrect Ghana’s justice system to dispense justice without fear or favour, affection or ill-will; and to at all times uphold the Constitution by honoring the distinction between allegiance and citizenship, and by being slow to issue injunctions, whether from the former or the current capital.”

“Above all,” Prof Asare added, “may his resurrection lead to the resurrection of an inclusive society where all enjoy equal rights and privileges, where no group of Ghanaians are suspected of being disloyal, where no laws are made proclaiming that bald suspicion, and where nobody is punished based on nothing more than the suspicion.

“With love for all, and malice toward none, DuCRiPS wishes Ghanaians a fruitful resurrection and a renewed strength to build a more perfect republic.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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