Masturbate before the first date… – Stephanie Benson’s 10 dating rules for single women

Masturbate before the first date... - Stephanie Benson's 10 dating rules for single women
Stephanie Benson

In what she calls ‘The Single Women’s Bible’, Stephanie Benson lists rules women should abide by if they want to snag a lifetime partner. She advises women to masturbate before sex to avoid a ‘sex-on-the-first-night’ situation. And also cautioning women to not have sex with their new partners for a least a month.

“Never wear a short skirt for your first date.”
Stephanie Benson revealed that wearing a short dress, exposing the thighs, on the first date sets a bad precedence for the relationship. She instructed that the dress should be ” slightly above the knee or below.”

“Meet on neutral grounds.”
The songstress counselled that a first date should not happen at your date’s house, your house or a hotel. “Go for lunch or brunch. Either way, you will be safe.”

“Never, ever ask about his past relationships.”
Why? – “Because he is going to lie to you”. She admonished women who wanted to know too much too quickly, disclosing that a man does not know you enough to tell the truth on the first date.

“Always ask a lot of questions about him.”
According to Stephanie Benson, being genuinely interested in your date’s interests and passions show thoughtfulness. Adding that “when he asks you a question, answer and throw it back at him. That way you’ll get to find out about each other. It’s very important.

“Listen through his eyes.”
Stephanie Benson says making eye contact whilst talking is sexy, plus it will help you decipher if he is lying to you. “If somebody cannot look you dead in the eyes when they are talking to you, they have a lot to hide.”

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“Check his manners.”
Women are cautioned to observe how their date treats them and the restaurant staff. “So when you walk into a restaurant with a man, let him pull your chair. Respect is everything. Manners are everything.”

“Don’t talk about your friends because he will use it against you.”
Stephanie says don’t talk bad about your friends. “Keep it general. Let him keep that respect for you and your friends.”

“Prepare to pay the bill or split 50/50.”
This will set the standard. Stephanie adds that offering to pay the bill on the first day shows character. But it’s equally okay if your date insists on paying or going 50/50 with you.

“Before you go on any date, masturbate.
According to Stephanie, you are likely to do something stupid if you are horny on a date with a man you are sexually attracted to. “Masturbate. Get sex off the table because you will be able to listen to him much better if you don’t have sex on your mind.”

“Please take sex off the table. At least for the first month.”
Having sex with someone early, makes it really hard to get to know them well. If you have sex, anytime you want to see him, you will want to have sex.