Mac Attram to create millionaires with first Business Accelerator Boot Camp

Business coach and millionaire entrepreneur, Mac Attram[/caption] As part of efforts to build entrepreneurs, create millionaires and offer practical teaching experience on how to build enduring businesses across the country, Mindspace Associates Ghana will be organizing a two-day intensive training programme in Accra for startups. The programme to be held at the Holiday-Inn on February 16-17, 2019, will be the first Business Accelerator Bootcamp (BAB) to be held in Ghana. Championed by world acclaimed business coach and millionaire entrepreneur Mac Attram, BAB has been the most sought after business training programme in Europe Asia and the Middle East and has changed lives in many countries. A Ghanaian but based in UK, Attram made his return to Ghana last year when he was invited as the keynote speaker at the MTN Business Executive Breakfast Meeting. Impressed by the outcome of the Breakfast meeting and the Sales and Business Growth Workshop he organized last year, Mac Attram has decided to introduce the BAB programme to Ghana in February this year. A statement issued by Dennis Akakpo-Dzakpasu, Business Development Manager of Mindspace Associates Ghana said: “The training is designed to equip business owners, entrepreneurs and business executives with practical exercises in Sales & Business Growth Strategies, Leadership & Team Building, wealth creation, business development and personal success.” Among the many business challenges BAB has provided solutions for in the countries where it was organized include, lack of sales growth, lack of clarity on the best strategy to follow, lack of business processes to help you scale, grow and become more efficient, lack of a team to support, compliment and help keep the business running, even in the absence of the lead person, lack of commitment from team members. Endorsed by one of America’s popular motivational speaker Les Brown, BAB will provide the four dominating business mindsets as well as the number one public enemy in business, the statement added. According to Akakpo-Dzakpasu, participants will be taken through tried and tested models of how to start and grow businesses; turn struggling businesses into viable ones and how to increase sales between 20-200% in a matter of months. It would also provide the mechanisms of how to employ the right systems and team so that business owners, as well as team members, can take some time off to rest and enjoy life, he added. The two-day training workshop which will start at 8:00 am and end at 7:00 pm will provide life-changing experiences at give away cost.

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