Legon lecturers demand probe into clash between Commonwealth, Mensah Sarbah students

Leadership of the University of Ghana branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) is calling on the Dean of Students and management, by extension, to probe the clash between students of Commonwealth Hall and Mensah Sarbah Hall and take punitive measures against those found culpable.

A clash between students of the two traditional halls of residence at the close of Students’ Representative Council (SRC) polls last Friday left bottles broken and stones all over the SRC Union Building.

The polls had gone into a run-off with Prince Asumadu beating close contender Samuel Ofosu to emerge winner.

But the lecturers believe that as an academic community, “we have zero tolerance for all acts of lawlessness and therefore condemn in no uncertain terms the needless clash between students of the two halls”.

“The learning environment must be one of civility, peace and cordiality,” a statement issued by UTAG-UG said.

“We therefore urge all students to resort to laid down rules in addressing all grievances rather than taking the law into their own hands and engaging in acts of lawlessness in settling scores.”

UTAG-UG commended the Security Unit of the University of Ghana for acting swiftly by calling for reinforcement to bring the situation under control.

“While cautioning students to desist from all acts of lawlessness, we call on our Security Unit and all relevant authorities in charge of student affairs in the University to be proactive in gathering the needed intelligence, to quell such acts of lawlessness before they occur.

“Finally, we call on the Dean of Students and the University Management to probe the clash and take punitive disciplinary action against all ring leaders and those found culpable of such acts of lawlessness.”

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By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana