Learn to respect privacy in relationships – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Uncle Ebo Whyte has advised that people should learn to respect privacy in courtship and marriages. According to him, it is a relationship, not a cage for confinement.

In a discussion on privacy and trust on the TV3 New Day show, Uncle Ebo Whyte advocated the people should not feel caged or restricted because they are in relationships.

“The mere fact that we are relating doesn’t mean that I lose my identity in you. And whenever a relationship demands that it’s gone beyond its lawful place.

“Where I demand that Cookie because you are my girlfriend or you are my wife, I must know everything about you. Or I must be able to have a say in everything about you. Or you can only live the kind of life that I am comfortable with. If I am not comfortable with it, you are not doing it.”

He said although you may have your partners best interest at heart, you must respect their space, including limiting your entitlement to their phones.

Uncle Ebo Wyte explained, “How did you say it? You didn’t say our phone. You didn’t say your space includes our phone. You said, ‘Your space includes your phone.’

“I advocate that if you are in a committed relationship with somebody, the person must know the passcode. Feel free to share… Let us all learn, even in a relationship, to respect the space and the privacy of people. And privacy is not just that you’ve seen me naked. That doesn’t mean that you should control everything about me.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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