‘Kwaku The Traveller’ is a social media song, don’t compare it to my global ‘One Corner’ – Patapaa

'Kwaku The Traveller' is a social media song – Patapaa
Patapaa and Black Sherif

Patapaa has joined the queue of musicians who feel slighted by Black Sherif comparisons. According to him, Ghanaians should respect his One Corner, a global hit, instead of comparing it to social media’s ‘Kwaku The Traveller’. 

Justice Amoah, known in showbiz as Patapaa, is upset over comparisons between his One Corner and Black Sherif’s Kwaku The Traveller. 

I’m not condemning the song, but ‘Kwaku the Traveller’ is making waves, but if you ask who is behind it, only a few people know. It’s just making waves on social media. But ‘One Corner’, it was all over town. Everyone was signing it. 

“The challenge that ‘One Corner’ generated all over the world was staggering. I consider Black Sherif’s ‘Kwaku the Traveller’ a social media song, and it doesn’t even come close to ‘Scopatumana.”

Patapaa also had a word for Black Sheriff concerning his attitude towards these comparisons. “He (Black Sherif) should focus on what he is doing instead of comparing to One Corner. One Corner is the biggest in Ghana. Kwaku the Traveller is nowhere near One Corner’s level. So he shouldn’t be happy about the comparison. He should be working hard because One Corner is global. This one is a social media song,” Patapaa told GNA Entertainment. 

“Even ‘Kwaku Frimpong’ became a hit more than the current one because everyone was signing it. But One Corner is a song that God specially designed to use to put Ghana on the Global. So when they start comparing, I go quiet. I want to see something. I want to see if the boy’s song can outdo One Corner. Scoptatumana went all over the world,” Patapaa concluded. 

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By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana


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