Kumawood actor justifies birthday celebration at cemetery despite ‘hearing strange voices’

Ghosts are chasing me - Kumawood actor, who celebrated his birthday in the cemetery, cries
Samuel Nkrumah and friends at the Cemetery birthday
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Budding Ghanaian actor and musician Samuel Nkrumah, known in the showbiz circles as Remix Kay, has disclosed that his decision to celebrate his birthday at the cemetery was to pay tribute to dead Ghanaian actors.

The Kumawood actor shockingly chose the cemetery as the venue to mark his 24th birthday, a decision which shook many Ghanaians with people reading meanings into it.

However, explaining himself on Akoma FM‘s flagship Entertainment 360 last Saturday, Remix indicated his decision to celebrate his birthday at the cemetery was a collective effort by his management to pay tribute to Ghanaian actors who have joined their ancestors.

“My decision to celebrate my birthday at the cemetery was not something I decided alone, it was collective decision from myself and my management. We wanted to send a signal to the world that birthday is not a moment for unnecessary enjoyment but a time of reflection as one’s days on earth is coming to an end.”

“It was a moment to also pay heartfelt tribute to all the great Ghanaian actors who have joined their ancestors including Tutu and my mentor Bernard Nyarko.”

Remix Kay recounted how he has been tormented by spirits since that famous celebration.

“Hours after the celebration, I was lying on my chair and felt a strange hands held me and was dragging me to unknown destination. Similarly, I keep hearing strange voices calling me.”

By Tony Best|Akoma FM|3news.com|Ghana

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