JuniorSharks : ICS proves too strong for Ave Afiadenyigba

International Community School(ICS) exhibited tenacity and steely determination to neutralize the threat from Ave Afiadenyigba in the first contest of #JuniorSharks week three.

The Voltarians were not awed by their affluent friends by any measure, going toe-to-toe with the uber-expensive private school right from the time keeper’s bell to start Round One.

Thywill from Ave Afiendiyiba sent Quiz master Noble Annan into laughter as he preferred to take inspiration from the signature catchphrase “the battle is the Lord’s” of President Akufo-Addo to aid them to victory.

With that said, and formalities done, action began with Ave Afiendiyiba setting the ball rolling with their set of questions.

Round 1

Ave Afiendiyiba exercised lots of caution in the first round and let questions that posed some challenge ‘pass’.

This meant that they had a second bite at the cherry for those questions that let pass.

Upon second attempts, they rightly answered two of those questions: Leopard for the totem of the Bretuo clan and first IGP of Ghana, E. R. T. Madjitey.

Unfortunately for ICS, they missed all their questions, including the ‘pass’ questions they attempted upon second asking.

Round 2 ( Writing, Reading and Arithmetic)

ICS made a tactical substitution and brought on Jordan for Anne-Marie Dzasa to bolster the team and she didn’t disappoint, but the Math once again proved the weakest area for both school..

Round 3 (STEM )

When Round 3 started, Ave Afiendiyiba also effected a substitution and introduced Kwashiega Kelvin into the mix.

Also known as the STEM Round, both schools it appeared have a lot to catch up with in STEM Education, even though ICS gained the upper hand through Obrempon.

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Round 4( One-on-one round)

With all to compete in this close encounter, Jordan for ICS and Thywill were elected to face off in the English segment.

Kwashiega and Alexis for Ave Afiendiyiba and ICS failed to get any correct of the Math question.

Obrempon for ICS and Kingsford for Ave Afiendiyiba shared the spoils with a correct answer each in the science segment.

And boy, you should see how enigmatic Thywill sent the packed auditorium into rapturous applause as he buzzed to correctly answer the photo of Thomas Partey of Black Stars fame.

After the General Knowledge segment, and in effect the end of this cagey contest, there was a tie.

The hairy moments that followed was broken by International Community School, being quickest to buzz and correctly break the tie.

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Source: 3news.com|Ghana


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