#JuniorSharks-De Youngster’s lose to gallant Kotoka JHS

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One of Accra’s most popular schools, De Youngster’s International School have been sent packing by Kotoka JHS at the Round of sixteen of the Junior Sharks.

De Youngster’s came into The Sharks Season as one of the best schools in Accra, but their reputation  failed to manifest in the competition.

Truth be told, the Kanda-based school was lacklustre in their Round of 24 contest, scrapping through by a mere forty points against La Wireless 2.

Coming up against Kotoka JHS, a seeded school of Junior Sharks Season 4, De Youngster’s had to scale up, if progression into the next Round was to be guaranteed.

They did up the ante, but the Burma Camp school, as sharp as a surgeon’s razor, cut De Youngster’s to size and progressed to the quarter finals at their expense.

Let’s relive the action, round-by-round.

Round 1

De Youngster’s looked very promising in Round 1, pulling comfortably ahead with a twenty(20) points difference.

Round 2

The buoyant display in Round 1 somehow fizzled in inexplicable fashion, as De Youngster’s could garner a mere five(5) points in Round 2.

Kotoka on the other hand were firmly in the driving seat in this Round, amassing a gargantuan fifty-five(55) points.

Round 3

The STEM Round, turned out to be another hotly contested round, with both schools determined to stamp their authority in the contest.

But once again, it was Kotoka JHS’s Abubakar who single-handedly buzzed with three correct answers to inch them closer to another seeded placement and perhaps a clearer shot at the ultimate.

Round 4

Christabel was introduced into the contest for the first time to battle Treasure, the specialist for De Youngster’s International School.

It was Treasure who reigned supreme.

Israel for Kotoka and Elikem for De Youngster’s came forth to showcase their expertise in Maths but both drew blank to the two questions posed them.

Gerald for Kotoka and Stephanie for De Youngster’s were the specialists in Science, but they produced same story as the specialists prior.

Abubakar and Lady Diana represented their school as General Knowledge , identified the voice of Vice President to end Round 4, which is sponsored by Indomie.

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