Johnnie Hughes writes: What I encountered on June 3

Accra was flooded during the June 3 disaster in 2015[/caption] Two years ago, on June 3, 2015, I had just closed from hosting The Rundown Show on TV Africa when I decided to go to the Nkrumah Circle to get something and return home to sleep… But, that didn’t happen because there was a disaster of filth, Flood and fire. Ghana wept! Those Circumstances forced me to stay up through out the night at Circle, to offer help to those in need and to perform my journalistic duty. What I saw that night and the morning thereafter, shook me to the marrow. People died in the most unacceptable way. Some were burnt beyond recognition, along with their hopes and dreams… As usual, we heard speeches and promises from many of those who came out for photo opportunities. However, two years down the lane and the evacuation centers and shelters that were promised are nowhere to be found. Our attitude towards keeping our environment clean has gotten worse. Our emergency response is not any better and yet, we keep singing the chorus, “NEVER AGAIN”. In the meantime, we have been told by the Meteor Agency that we will experience a double portion of the rain we saw in 2015 this year. Question is: are we ready? How safe are we? Would you rather wait on government’s residual help that never comes when you actually need it? Or would you be smart and save yourself by taking precautionary measures? I can’t tell what is wrong with us, but I know something is definitely not right. May the souls of all those that died, rest in peace. And may the people they left behind be consoled on this day.

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By Johnnie Hughes The author is the host of Community Connect on 3FM 92.7 and host on TV3’s New Day]]>