Jealousy, lack of knowledge and understanding – Celestine Donkor on disunity among gospel fraternity

Jealousy, lack of knowledge and understanding – Celestine Donkor on disunity among gospel fraternity
Celestine Donkor

Gospel singer Celestine Donkor has spoken against the apparent discord among her colleagues in the industry. She described the problem as issues arising out of sheer jealousy and lack of understanding and knowledge about their roles in ministry.

Celestine Donkor made an appearance on TV3 News, where she detailed the unfortunate plight of the gospel association. She revealed that some gospel musicians have formed groups amongst themselves who like to alienate from the rest in the industry.

“Yes, they are real. They are existing, but I see it as a lack of knowledge and understanding of what we are doing and sheer jealousy. If we believe that we are children of one God, then we are siblings, and we should be happy about each others success.

“I reached out to a lot of people via phone, via dm and, say please, I have this new thing out, check it for me. Some of them ignore it. Those who ignore me when I see them release I post. Sincerely, I want them to see how it feels to be supported.”

Celestine expressed concern about this behaviour and how it casts their work as ministers of the gospel in a bad light. She questioned how they would relate in heaven if they could not live amicably on earth.

“I appreciate those who see this not as a competition, but they see it as a ministry. How are you going to survive in heaven if you have a competitive spirit? If it is true that one day we are all going to stand before the Lord and sing one song, how are you going to survive that? If somebody’s voice is a threat to you. If you are a gospel artiste, and there are people you can’t click with, how are you going to click with them in heaven?

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According to her, the benefits of working together is too enormous to be slighted over petty issues.

“The more you connect with more people, the more you are seen and heard. And so you are actually doing yourself a lot of harm if you are working with just a few when there are thongs of musicians you can connect with. Imagine we have a thousand musicians, and thousand are posting your new release in a day. That’s an assured promotion. You do it. I do it for you when it’s your turn. We all do it for each other. It’s a win-win.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana