It’s just lyrics; This Gen is all about money, sex, drugs… – Asakaa Boys

It’s just lyrics; This Gen is all about money, sex and drugs – Asakaa Boys
Asakaa Boys

City Boy, Jay Bhad, Kwaku Dmc and O’kenneth, representing the Asakaa Boys group, explained that their lyrics don’t promote social vices. Instead, they draw inspiration from reality for a relatable music experience.

Speaking with Delay and sharing the Asakaa experience, Kwaku Dmc disquieted the notion that their songs fuel wrongdoing among the youth. “At the end of the day, our generation hides nothing. Everyone knows this generation is more about sex, money, drugs and other stuff. So we are not the first people to sing about it in our music. It is something that goes on. And we’ve seen others do. So, sometimes, it’s a craft. It’s just like producing a movie. You can see someone’s story and use it to act out a movie… It’s a lifestyle already. So we are talking about what we know.,” he explained.

The Asakaa boys went international with their drill music Suzzy, by Jay Bahd featuring Kwaku Dmc and City Boss in 2021. The group of talented musicians from different social classes bonded over their love for art and music.

Unanimously they spoke about their challenges with families when they decided on the path that would ultimately lead them to fame.

“Not sure that Ghanaian mothers want their children to become musicians. All the time it’s about becoming a lawyer, doctor and others. They see music as reserved for vagabonds and school dropouts. But now, the narrative has changed.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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