It’s a compliment – Sarkodie reacts to Shatta Wale’s ‘ghost-feature’ comment

It's a compliment - Sarkodie reacts to Shatta Wale's 'ghost-feature' comment
Sarkodie and Shatta Wale

Sarkodie finally responds to Shatta Wale, who described the rapper’s feature on Bob Marley’s new version of Stir It Up as ‘featuring a ghost’. Despite most saying Shatta Wale’s comment is unfortunate, Sarkodie says he has taken it as a compliment. 

One of Ghana’s biggest musical highlights has been spearheaded by Sarkodie bagging a feature on the legendary Bob Marley and the Wailer remake song. Many industry stakeholders, musically inclined people and the general public have shared their sentiments, including Shatta Wale, who described it as “featuring a ghost” during an interview. 

Sarkodie responded to a fan who asked how he felt about Shatta Wale’s comment during a Twitter Space session: “That’s not bad. That’s a compliment.”

Continuing to talk about this historic moment in Ghana’s music history, Sarkodie cautioned his fan base to not lose focus of his achievement. He acknowledged their support in his career and asked them to go above the Sarknative umbrella to appreciate what the feature means for every musician and Ghanaian. 

“I think the distraction is when something bigger and huge way more than us happen because it goes beyond Sarkodie. This is not a Sarkodie project. This is not a Shatta Wale project. This is for everybody who can get something out of this. So we don’t have to disrupt the goal and take it to a place we don’t want it to go.”

Bob Marley and the Wailer featuring Sarkodie – Stir It Up– was released on January 20, 2023. Currently, it is the number 1 trending music video on Youtube

Sarkodie came through with rap verser in English and Twi, a local dialect of the Akan ethnic tribe in Ghana, West Africa, where Sarkodie is an indigene. 


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