'Is that God with a big camera?' Image confuses internet users

A mind-bending optical illusion during a dark storm has confused the internet. The video taken from a car travelling through a long stretch of road in Queensland was posted online to Reddit – but users have pointed out something very peculiar. The camera pans across dark, rolling clouds in the middle of a thunderstorm in Mackay, north Queensland. However it is not the ethereal beauty of an inky tempest which captured the attention of viewers. As the video camera moves from the right side of the sky, a strange reflection in the clouds can be seen. Two hands clutching a camera appears to be peering down from the heavens, a curious reflection from the person who is taking the video. The person behind the camera then pans back over the sky and it becomes clear that it is simply a mirror reflection of the car driver and passengers. One Reddit user was quick to notice the giant mirror image in the sky, even asking: ‘Is that God with a big camera?’ Other users ignored the accidental illusion and were simply curious about the original poster’s storm chasing antics. ‘North Queensland storms are something else,’ one person wrote. Source MailOnline]]>

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