Invest and stop embarrassing the Creative Arts industry – DKB orders Psalm Adjeteyfio

You are very stupid; May the devil visit you – Psalm Adjeteyfio replies DKB and critics
DKB and Psalm Adjeteyfio

Ghanaian comedian DKB has caution TT of Taxi driver fame to not squander all the money he has received. He implored him to invest so that he does not come out to beg for assistance in the future.

Celebrated actor Psalm Adejeteyfio, whose plight went viral, has received support and cash donations from persons across various industries. Amongst the people to address the issue is Derrick Kobina Bonney, known as DKB, who has no money but words of advice for his elderly compatriot.

In a video on his official Facebook wall, he said, “Guys I feel like saying this and putting this important information across. You see the deplorable situation legendary actor Psalm Adejeteyfio has found himself. And the fact that he has had some generosity coming his way by virtue of the vice president giving him Ghc50,000. Ghc20,000 for upkeep and Ghc30,000 for his rent.

“Please the Ghc20,000, if you are close to him, let him know that it is investment money. It is not money to live off. Please, because where he is now, he needs sustainability. It is enough embarrassment to come out and be talking about he needs help. Calling people for help, doing interviews… It is disheartening because it makes the creative arts look bad,” he continued.

DKB also suggested businesses that are open for investment. He mentioned that TT would go into a ‘basic necessity’ business, which he referred to waakye and sobolo businesses as some examples.

“So right now, he has Ghc20,000. He must invest it. He shouldn’t invest in transport, he will regret it. He shouldn’t invest in hospitality. He should invest in basic necessities. Simple waakye business, simple Koko business. He even has a brand name that is active. He can make TT waakye business, TT sobolo business and people will support,” he concluded.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana