Importers reject 'baseless' tax evasion claims by AGI

Some importers and freight forwarders have denied claims of engaging in malpractices at the ports leading to the gradual collapse of local manufacturing industries. The allegations were made by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI). AGI President Dr. Yaw Adu Gyamfi raised concerns that major policies may collapse should the malpractices at the ports go unresolved. According to him, the issues of under invoicing, under declaration and mis-description have become complex due to reports of custom officials conniving with the perpetrators. But the importers and freight forwarders argue that such allegations could not be possible as they go through strict scrutiny in the clearing process.   The Executive Secretary of the Importers and Exporters Association, Sampson Ashaki Awingobit, explained that there are dynamics that come with declaring at the ports. “The point here is that, if you are buying more, you get discount. And so you see someone declaring on a little container paying more than someone who has a large container. So the debate by the AGI is needless and baseless,” he countered. He adds that the strict and detailed clearing process at the ports could not allow such illegalities. By Grace Asare||Ghana    ]]>

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