‘I would have shot Disciplinary Committee members’ – Alhaji Grusah furious at GFA ruling

King Faisal owner Alhaji Grusah

King Faisal owner Alhaji Grusah has expressed his anger and frustration at the Ghana Football Association (GFA) following the dismissal of the club’s protest case.

In a fiery interview with Akoma FM, Grusah stated, “If I wasn’t a Religious person who fears God so much, I swear, I would have bought a gun and shot the Disciplinary Committee members for such a ruling”, as he vehemently disagreed with the decision.

The protest case was filed by King Faisal against fellow Ghana Premier League team Tamale City, alleging that they had fielded an unqualified player, Isaac Mensah, who supposedly had another registration in the system as Jireh Kojo Nissi.

However, the GFA’s Disciplinary Committee dismissed the case, ruling that Mensah was indeed eligible to play.

King Faisal were hoping that Disciplinary Committee would rule in their favour and award them three points despite losing the game 4-1. The three points would significantly enhance King Faisal’s prospects of remaining in the Ghana Premier League.

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“The player in question had a double identity. The same protest was filed against Skyy FC by Nations FC and they won it. The player himself through an interview even confirmed it, that alone should have won the case for us,” he said.

“We will appeal the ruling and progress to Cas if we are unsuccessful till justice is done. This case will be heard before the remaining games are played in the GPL. King Faisal will surely play in the GPL come next season,” Grusah added.


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