I want to build a hospital and orphanage one day – Wendy Shay


Award-winning songstress Wendy Shay has hinted of her long-held desire to build a hospital and an orphanage from proceeds of her music career.

The former nurse says already she is making a lot of money from music and her dream to do bigger things pushes her to do more.

“There is so much money in music,” she told Elikem Kumordzie The Tailor on 3FM Drive.

“Because the money I am making now just even from my streams alone, I couldn;t have made it.

“And I want to do big things,” she chipped in. “The things I want to do in my life, build a hospital, orphanages one day, in order for me to do it, I have to do music.”

She stated how Beyonce inspires her to do more.

Watch the interview below:



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