I plan on retiring from acting very soon – Actor Ras Nene reveals plans to end 20-year career and support young talents


Kumawood actor and skit maker, Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi popularly known as Ras Nene in a surprising announcement has disclosed his intention to retire from his acting career in order to pave the way for emerging talent to flourish.

The Popular YouTuber and comedic talent was speaking on the side of a new production that incorporated Chinese martial arts, which fans have dubbed ‘Aka Jet Li'.

“We could have gotten a new movie but very soon I want to go on retirement from acting,” he disclosed.

With a career spanning over two decades, Ras Nene, 50,  also known as “Dr. Likee,” believes it is time for young and talented actors and actresses to seize the spotlight and showcase their abilities.

“In this profession after a while, you take the back seat and become a coach then leave it for the kids. I want to become a director and give a chance to the new crop of young actors who are coming up,” he outlined.

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Ras Nene's decision to step away from the front of the camera comes as a poignant moment for 's entertainment landscape, especially as brands and increasingly transition into the digital space.

Known for pumping new energy into the failing industry through his funny skits on Youtube and TikTok, the beloved actor said it was important to keep up with the trends by recognizing the abundance of young, bright individuals eager to make their mark.

He explained; “We've entered a new era and the kids of today are coming with a new energy. Their style is different. We are already spending digital currency. The digital currency is on the way. For example, if you are doing with someone, they can ask you for your Paypal account to make payment. You need to be sharp and keep up with the trends or you'll lose out.”

As he plans to retire, the actor will be fondly remembered for his iconic roles as an armed robber, assassin, bodyguard, or serial killer among other villain roles.




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