I don’t have a lookalike because the person must match my height for them to even mimic me – E.L.

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E.L. (aka Don Lomi)

Ghanaian rapper and singer, Elorm Adablah, popularly known as E.L. has spoken about what it takes for any of his fans to pose as his lookalike, as it has become the norm in the industry.

The sound engineer and rapper is widely recognized as one of the tallest musicians in the entertainment industry and fans have been curious as to the absence of someone claiming to be E.L.'s look-alike especially when the likes of , , , and other stars have had their doppelgängers surface online.

Addressing this matter, E.L. himself has firmly stated that finding someone who resembles him would be challenging, particularly due to his height.

During an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye, the artist behind the award-winning song ‘Koko' expressed that he is too tall for anyone to be considered his look-alike.

“As for me, I'm too tall for a look-alike. Nobody is as tall as me, so unless you find someone who matches my height, they can be my look-alike,” he remarked during his conversation.

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E.L. further added, “But I doubt that you would be able to find someone as tall as me to be my look-alike, which is why you haven't come across one yet.”

E.L. who recently returned from the United States where he was in the food delivery revealed in an interview that he was hardly recognised despite his A-list status in .

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In a candid interview with Sika Osei, E.L. who won the 2016 Artiste of the Year title opened up about his life outside of music and what it took him to go out of his comfort zone to deliver meals to private homes and offices.

“I loved it,” E.L said. “It's a different world out there, and perception is everything, people perceive ‘You are delivering food today' as some yawa thing but when you are actually out there and you do it, it's a hustle and the secret to wealth creation is to have as many hustles as you can”

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