I didn’t have a problem with Guru before but now we do because he insulted me and my entire family – Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene wraps message for Guru in Sika Ba Fie remix
Guru and Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene, has opened up about why he refused to work with fellow industry mate, Maradona Yeboah Adjei better known as Guru in a new interview with Delores Frimpong-Manso on the Delay Show.

The Lynx Entertainment signee explained that he initially had no issues with the “Lapaz Toyota” artiste but now has a score to settle with the latter due to the rapper’s behaviour and treatment towards him and his family.

“Guru is quick-tempered. I didn’t have a problem with Guru before, but now we do. He insulted me and my entire family, and I cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour,” Kuami Eugene said during the interview.

Kuami Eugene and Guru’s rift which began 2 years ago was ignited after Guru took a swipe at Kuami Eugene in a diss song, “Who Born Dog” for refusing to collaborate with him on a song.

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Guru also in a series of tweets accused Kuami Eugene of being ungrateful and reminded him of how Karma will affect him if he left Lynx in the future.

“I know that you will not be under Lynx Entertainment forever but remember not to have any issues with Lynx Entertainment before you leave because those that exited couldn’t maintain the hype. There are always new Lords so remember nothing last forever,” he admonished him

However, Kuami Eugene clarified that the decision not to work with Guru was due to how he disrespected Richie Mensah, his boss in the past.

“Guru did not use the right channel. You want to feature me but you go to media houses to insult the man who made me. I wouldn’t have been Kuami Eugene but for Richie so I expect that respect is accorded him no matter the differences that exist,” Kuami Eugene explained.


Record Producer, Richie later in a social media post spoke about the feud between Ghanaian musicians Guru and Lynx Entertainment.

According to Richie, Guru requested a feature with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, but the request was denied.

This led to Guru going to various media outlets and insulting members of Lynx management, including Richie himself.

Richie explained that he and his team decided to stay silent, but when Kuami Eugene was asked in an interview if he would feature Guru, he declined due to the disrespect shown towards his boss by Guru.

Richie defended Eugene’s comment, stating that there was nothing disrespectful about it and that he would have chastised his artist if he had spoken out of turn.

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“there was nothing disrespectful in what Eugene said. I’m a responsible leader, and I would have chastised my artist if he spoke out of turn. So my question is, those attacking Eugene for allegedly disrespecting his elder Guru, where were they when Guru was attacking myself and my reputation in a disrespectful manner?” he said

Richie also detailed how Guru burned his bridge with Lynx, saying that Guru’s accusations of Lynx sabotaging his career for the past 10 years were unfounded and damaging.

He emphasized that his team had always remained professional in their dealings with Guru, despite his disrespectful behaviour.



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