I am rap, so Amerado admires me lowkey- Obibini explains the genesis of the ‘beef’

I am rap, so Amerado admires me lowkey- Obibini explains
Obibini and Amerado
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According to Obibini, Amerado threw the first shot because he wanted to have a feel of a legend’s attention. He also pointed that Amerado has been admiring him lowkey since he started to rap.

Obibini revealed these sentiments when he appeared as a guest on Simply Showbiz with Mz Gee. He pointed out that with a careful listen on the Tim Westwood jab, one can decern that Amerado wishes he had something that Obibini has.

“He feels I represent something that he needs. Because if you look at the nature of the line, he said, ‘someone is claiming Wudini.’ And Wudini is my Aka for decades, so it’s a straight shot.”

Upon further probing from Mz Gee, Obibini mentioned that Amerado may be admiring him because of his rap prowess. He said, “My lyricism, my uniqueness. Rap is me, so probably he admires me lowkey. Sometimes you would like to test your pulse with strong people and see if you will survive. So he is trying to do that.”

According to Obibini, his initial disposition to the subtle shoot on the Tim Westwood freestyle was indifference. He would have opted to not respond to Amerado, but the continuous rants from Amerado were disrespectful.

“Initially, I didn’t want to react to it. But then, when he came back, he was still ranting about it. What actually got to me was when he said he wasn’t referring to me nut if I like and I am pissed off, I can enter into the studio and do a diss for him. And he will reply.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana